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Do you enjoy working at or for Amazon? Are you paid well and treated fairly? Will you be treated with respect? Can you take vacation the way you want? Are the break times sufficient? Are your superiors open to your questions? Do you have such good working conditions as advertised? Or do you think that working conditions at Amazon could be (even) better than they currently are? Then you will find a lot of important information for you here.

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The ver.di union has been campaigning for better working conditions at Amazon for years. The “Fair Mobility” organization also supports non-native speakers with many everyday or operational questions. The driver circles also offer a network for all topics relating to driving activities and the GUV/Fakulta provides support in all financial emergencies that arise due to recourse in connection with professional activity. Union means that employees join together and achieve improvements together. Together we can ensure that working conditions at Amazon become (even) better.

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Information on the subject of works councils

What is a works council?

A works council is the mouthpiece of the employees in the company, represents their interests and can negotiate with the employer on their behalf.

What can works councils decide?

The list of topics on which the works council has a say is long. Here are just a few examples:
Start and end of daily working hours, break times, distribution of working hours over the individual days of the week (e.g. "Saturday work"), temporary reduction or extension of normal working hours, vacation plan, introduction of systems for behavior and performance monitoring (e.g. surveillance cameras), occupational safety, health protection Questions regarding company wage structure, performance-related remuneration (e.g. bonuses)…

What are the tasks of a works council?

One of the most important tasks of a works council: It ensures that the rights of employees are respected. He also represents the interests of the employees to the employer and takes suggestions from the workforce and passes them on to the employer.

What advantages does a works council bring me?

Companies with a works council pay more money on average, have safer jobs and make it easier for employees to balance life and work.


Who can set up a works council?

In principle, all employees can form a works council. 3 people are enough to start a business. At least 5 employees must be eligible to vote in the company. Incidentally, if management wants to prevent the company from being founded, it is committing a criminal offense. Employees aged 18 and over who have been with the company, company or group for at least 6 months can run for works council elections.

What is the difference between a works council and a union?

Within a company, a works council represents the interests of employees towards the employer. The works council is elected by the employees themselves from among themselves. A union, on the other hand, is not tied to a company, but is responsible for one or more industries. If works councils are founded, unions often support them. Trade unions also offer seminars on works council work and provide information and advice to works councils. Close cooperation between the union and the works council offers the best prospect of improving working conditions in the company.


What is a trade union?

What is a trade union?

A union is one Organization of employees to assert their interests. Trade unions are divided according to sectors - ver.di is responsible for the services sector.

What can a union help with?

The biggest advantage of being a union member is solidarity. Colleagues join together to be able to negotiate with employers on an equal footing. You can find a list of points that the union can help you with further down the page.

What is a strike?

A union can also call for a strike. The strike is intended to put pressure on the employer to enforce demands. A demand could be, for example, a higher wage. During a strike, people do not work for a certain period of time. Union members receive strike pay to compensate for lost wages.

What else does a union do?

Trade unions are also politically active and are committed to cross-industry issues such as minimum wage, unemployment benefits, occupational safety and anti-discrimination.


What is the difference between a works council and a union?

A union hires people who support you as members and help you fight for co-determination in the company. They support you in organizing yourself in the company. Trade unions also offer seminars on works council work and provide information and advice to works councils. Close cooperation between the union and the works council offers the best prospect of improving working conditions in the company.


ver.di for ban on subcontractors – delivered FAIR instead of delivered

The working conditions in the courier, express and parcel industry (CEP industry) are largely very poor. Together with our network of consultants from work and life, Fair integration and Fair mobility we often see catastrophic conditions. Occupational health and safety regulations are not adhered to and pay is often below the standard wage (even below the minimum wage in some cases). We want to change that with you.

Many employees are not directly employed by the parcel service provider for whom they deliver, but rather work for sub-contractors or even in a sub-contractor chain.

The conditions are mostly for employees of sub-contractors and with work contracts worse: Employees are at sub-contractors

  • almost never represented by a works council and become
  • without exception not according to collective agreement paid.

what does that mean to you?

If you have a lot of questions now, that's completely understandable.
Come talk to us: You don't have to come anywhere, we'll meet online (and anonymously if you wish).
Here we present the legislative initiative and answer questions and introduce contact persons. The chats are translated into Croatian and Romanian!

We – your union ver.di – are at your side!

ver.di calls for a law that ensures the following improvements:

  1. The Prohibition of subcontracting and work contracts in the CEP industry
  2. One Package weight limit of 20 kg for parcel shipments in one-man handling and a labeling requirement for heavier parcels

This law would mean that the large CEP companies can no longer avoid responsibility for fair and healthy working conditions!

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Through the ver.di union, employees have bargaining power
towards the companies. Can do it together
we achieve a lot:

  • Wage increases
  • Protection through collective agreements
  • Christmas bonus, holiday bonus, sick pay allowance
  • More vacation than the law requires
  • and many more contractually secured services!

Only for ver.di members

  • Labor law protection
  • Social legal protection (health insurance, pension fund, nursing care fund, unemployment fund)
  • Legal protection for recourse claims, including in the event of package loss
  • Legal protection for compensation for pain and suffering, for example in the event of a dog bite
  • Payroll tax advice
  • Offers for seminars
  • Strike pay support

The “Trade Union Support Institution of the DGB Unions”, GUV/FAKULTA, is not an insurance company. It is an institution of the trade unions in the German Trade Union Confederation. The members of the GUV/FAKULTA thus protect themselves against risks in their professional activities.

For example:

  • Compensation assistance in the event of claims by the employer justified under labor law
  • Support by taking over the deductible If you have comprehensive comprehensive or liability insurance, a one-off payment of up to a maximum of 300 euros per claim is made
  • Legal protection in criminal proceedings
  • Support with economic hardship as a result of an event of damage
  • and much more


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